Sopas — Soups
Item Cup Bowl
Sopa de Pollo y fideos
Cuban style Chicken noodles.
Sopa de Frijoles Negros
Black beans, diced onions & olive oil.
Sopa busca pleito
Black beans, Avocado wedges & diced onions.
*Caldo Gallego
White bean soup with collard greens, pork & spices.
*Potaje de Garbanzos
Spanish Garbanzo bean soup.

Ensaladas — Salads
Item Price
Ensalada mixta
Chopped garden salad with house dressing.
Ensalada de tomate y cebolla
Tomato & raw onion salad.
Sopa busca pleito
Tomato & raw onion salad.
*Aquacate y Cebolla cruda
Avocado and raw onions.

Aperitivos — Appetizers
Item Price
Fresh homemade thin sliced fried Plantain chips with our signature cilantro dipping sauce.
Camarones al Ajillo
Shrimp sautéed in our spicy fresh garlic & wine sauce.
Camarones al Fuego
Shrimp slowly simmered in a hot spicy, tomato based creole sauce.
Chorizo al Vino
Spanish sausage sautéed with fresh garlic, onions & spices in Olive oil & wine sauce.
Loaded Tostones
Fresh homemade thin-sliced Crispy plantains topped with Picadillo & melted cheese.
Banana Boat
Sweet plantains filled with Picadillo & topped with melted cheese.
Yuquita Fingers
Yuca fries with our very own creamy cilantro and garlic dipping sauce.
Little Habana Antojitos
Our combination platter with 1 beef and 1 chicken Empanadas, 2 Ham Croquettes, stuffed Potato ball with picadillo, Yuca fries, chorizo & sliced fresh mariquita chips with cilantro dipping sauce.
A la Carte
Item Price
Arroz Blanco
White rice.
Arroz Amarillo
Yellow rice.
Arroz Moro
Rice & black beans cooked together with Pork seasoning.
Crispy Plantains with Cilantro dipping sauce.
Empanada de Carne o Pollo
Beef or chicken empanada.
Papas Frita
French Fries
fried sweet plantains.
Croquetas de jaibas $3.49
Devil crab.
Croquetas de jamon
croquettes (2).
Papa Rellena
Stuffed Potato ball.
Yuca con Mojo
Yellow rice topped with black beans and chopped onions.